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Welcome to BOSS!

Welcome to B.O.S.S.

We have operated Bella Collina for years and for years it seemed that the path allowing a couple to have that perfect day became more and more cluttered with debris. Keeping them organized and ready for their big day, becomes more difficult when we think of everything that goes into that day. Allowing them not to fail, is a necessity. All of the reminders, all of the paperwork, keeping the vendors in the loop, allowing the vendors to keep us in the loop, couples knowing what their options were, the umpteen calendar’s that are needed, and so much more. B.O.S.S. not only alleviates all of that, but enhances the already full-proof method we have designed.

B.O.S.S. will allow the role of half of an admin and half of a sales person to be eliminated. With B.O.S.S. in your corner, you are sure to be not only be organized, but it affords you the luxury of using technology to your advantage. Allowing you to focus on other fun things…

Let’s talk a little bit about who uses B.O.S.S.

The Licensee

The venues sales and admin staff

The venues set up and tear down crews

The landscapers or weekly maintenance contractors

The vendors working the events

The couples

The accountant

All of these people can sign into B.O.S.S. on their desktop or with their individual mobile apps and be completely on the same page as you. All of these people have different roles and with different roles, different responsibilities.

Over the years, we have had to use Outlook, Quickbooks, Calendars, social media and other software to keep the lines of communication open with all persons working an event. Now B.O.S.S. can do most of this, if not all of it, for you.

Let’s start with the customer. The customer will now be able to log into B.O.S.S. on any desktop or mobile device. They will also be given access to an app for their phone. With this, they can see all of their scheduled events on their private calendar. They can also instant message any professional associated with their account. With B.O.S.S. they are able to look at their invoice, approve certain items on their invoice, review their contract, get reminders of certain obligations that need to be met. They will also be able to view their wedding day itinerary and get 120, 90, 60 and 45 day reminders of things that need to be done. When planning a wedding or event, B.O.S.S. will become your clients new best friend.

All of the maintenance, setup and tear down employees will be able to see all upcoming events. They will see what time the event starts and ends. They will see what obligations they are responsible for, along with certain aspects of the wedding. For instance, how many people are attending and more…

The vendors can now see every event they are hired for. They can e-sign contracts along with add any additional items that a customer agrees to.  If a photographer sells a bridal session, they can now just simply add it to the customer’s invoice. Your professionals will have access to the complete event timeline. This is all on a platform that is updated instantly as it happens. Your professionals are notified when they have a Day of Interviews scheduled. The professionals can see the colors, people attending and any allergies related to the guests attending the Day of Interviews. They will be notified if they won or lost the Day of Interviews. They will receive all of the customer’s information if they won the Day of interviews, so they can make contact. They can have access to everything they need to allow for the most amount of communication.

The Admin and Sales Staff. This was the trickiest part of designing B.O.S.S. as we had to take into consideration every aspect of what they do on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis… and there is a lot. Your admin / sales person(s) handle the daily operation of Bella Collina.  They are responsible for setting the original appointment with the customer to tour the property, all the way to checking in their rentals before the event day. Not to mention, everything in between. B.O.S.S. will now handle a lot of this for them. Starting with the accounting, it will calculate the sales tax, royalties and professional payments needed to be made. It will calculate the amount the running total that the bride and groom owes at any given time. It will allow for setting appointments for tours, a survey to go out after the tour. Once the contract is signed, and information is entered, the fun begins. All reminders go out based on the event date automatically. Calendars are automatically updated, there is no redundancy. B.O.S.S. allow you to have more time to do the things that will bring in sales and a proper ROI.

The Licensee. You see and control everything within your venue. You are able to see who entered information in to the system and what they changed. You’re able to pull all of the reports needed. You’re able to see all customer information, vendor information. You will be able to assign user names and passwords. You’re able to have a library at your disposal for all customer contracts and vendor contracts, operating and training manuals, forms and anything else that you need at any given time. You’re able to see your gross profits, net profits and sales tax amounts. You will be able to see which vendor is winning the most jobs and where all allocated funds are going. You will be able to communicate on your own personal intranet. You will be in constant communication with any venue related employee or vendor. You will be able to see who is online and who is not. You will have notifications for all aspects of the system. You are in complete control of your B.O.S.S. and your venue.

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