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Jackie & Chris -

Chris and I cannot thank Bella Collina Events enough for making our dream wedding a reality.  The very first time I drove down Bella Collina’s driveway, I did not realize that I was traveling out of North Carolina and into Italy.  As the driveway came to end and the beautiful Bella Collina mansion came into view, Chris and I both gasped.  The mansion, overlooking Belews Lake, was breathtaking.  As I knocked on the door of the mansion, I felt as if I was knocking on the door of an authentic Italian villa in Tuscany.  We were greeted with enthusiasm by the Bella Collina team. As we toured the mansion, I noticed the gigantic deck that attached to the main level and overlooked the lake.  I also noticed the spacious interior of the house, which would easily fit all of my wedding guests if weather conditions were poor that day.  Chris and I immediately wanted to book Bella Collina for our wedding.  We didn’t hesitate in this decision – it was an easy one.  And, as I reminisce on the time leading up to and including my big day, I feel so lucky to have found Bella Collina during my search for the perfect venue. In the months leading up to our wedding, Bella Collina took care of everything for us.  I cannot stress this enough – Bella Collina takes care of you.  As a project manager, I take pride in my ability to pay attention to detail, anticipate scenarios, and meet deadlines.  Therefore, in that first month of planning, I thought I had it all under control.   I quickly learned that my wedding was a different animal.  If there is one piece of advice I can give to “Type A” brides, it is that if you really want the perfect wedding...down to every last detail… trust in Bella Collina to do that for you.  Bella Collina was an absolute life saver for us and a joy to work with in the six short months leading up to our wedding. They guided us through the bulk of our wedding planning.  For example, they served as our “vendor liaison” during the selection, negotiation, and payment of our wedding vendors. They also advised us on table layouts for our reception, helped us to establish a wedding day timeline, and addressed all of the tiny, tiny details that every bride fears will slip through the cracks.  As the big day approached, Bella Collina was determined to eliminate all last minute stress. For example, Chris and I had decided to grow our own flowers for the centerpieces at our reception tables.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  A few days before the wedding, however, our flowers had not yet blossomed and we were getting nervous.  Without saying a word, Bella Collina called in a favor and ordered flowers for our centerpieces in time for our wedding.  I will never forget the relief that flooded over me when Joe told me the good news.  Bella Collina truly wants you to have the wedding of your dreams, and fortunately for you, they can make it happen.  After our wedding day, my new brother-in-law told us how impressed he was with Bella Collina.  He told us how much work the Bella Collina team had actually done “behind the stage” on our wedding day.  We had no idea that the Bella Collina team was working up until the moment we got in our car that night (smiles plastered on our faces).   I highly recommend Bella Collina to any bride that wants a perfect wedding.  Bella Collina is a beautiful venue with a professional, friendly, and hardworking team that will even make the “Type A” bride a happy one.  Thank you for everything, Bella Collina.

Laura & Terri

Look no further!! This is the perfect venue!! 

Wow!!!!! What an incredible wedding we had! Words cannot describe how incredibly pleased we are with our venue. The Bella Collina is the absolutely perfect wedding venue. As stated on their website, it really is like having a destination wedding a few miles from home here in North Carolina! Six months ago, after visiting numerous vineyards and other wedding venues, my husband and I came across an ad for the gorgeous Bella Collina. We could not believe a beautiful place like that existed and that we had never heard of it. My husband immediately contacted the Bella Collina staff and found out we could take a private tour the very next day. The next day, we could not believe our eyes!! The Bella Collina DOES exist, it's not just a dream. Immediately, we knew our search was over! This was going to be where we would say our vows. We realized the only reason we had not heard of it was because it had opened only 3 days before! How lucky? Stressed that there were only six months left to plan everything, the Bella Collina staff put us at ease. They spoke to us about their "day of interviews." They said this is a day when the bride and groom sit back at the Bella Collina and all the wedding vendors come to them. At the end of the day, the bride and groom have some hard decisions to make, but it's all worth it! They were right! That day we sat down just like they said and at the end of the day we had our DJ, florist, photographer, and caterer booked. As if that wasn't enough, we also got everything mapped out to the last detail. Phew! What a relief! There was no more stress from that point on. The staff helped us with all our needs along the way and our wedding was here before we knew it. The day was flawless and went just as planned. We loved it so much we wanted to do it all again the next day! There is no other place like the Bella Collina. If we could give it ten stars we certainly would. I promise you will love this place!

Manal & Kevin

My Dream Wedding Came True!!!!

The Bella Collina Mansion is MOST GORGEOUS WEDDING VENUE EVER!! Everything ...

from start to finish went as perfect as it possible! If you are looking for a fairytale wedding at an affordable price and ease, you will NOT be disappointed. Everything from start to finish was amazingly seamless. I planned my wedding by myself in 2 months. Yes, you read correctly, 2 MONTHS. And the staff made the process so easy. Any other wedding that went as smoothly as mine did, would have had to been planned in at least a year. But with the staff's knowledge and guidance, I knew I was in good hands and had nothing to worry about.

My first visit to the mansion enchanted me with it's wondrous beauty and serene setting. From the very start, the staff made me feel at such ease and candidly answered any and all questions I had. When it came down to discussing the package pricing, I thought, surely this will be my first and last time here, because it's going to be too much. But this was not the case!! I'm telling you, you will NOT find a venue ANYWHERE else that will give you such luxury at such an affordable price. And they make it so simple!!

Once I left after the initial meeting, I knew that this was IT, this is where I am going to get married to my prince!! Anything else would be mediocre compared to the Bella Collina Mansion, the beauty, the staff, the setting, the coordination, just everything.

Once I reserved my date, the staff set up what they called "the day of interviews" where you spend the whole day there while vendors come to YOU to convince them to make them a part of your wedding. We met with 2 of each vendor they provide in their package: 2 photographers, 2 DJs, 2 florists, and 2 caterers. Let me tell you, picking one of each was sooooo difficult because the staff already hand selected superb vendors to choose from!!!! But inevitably we had to choose, and I don't think we could have gone wrong with any of our selections, no matter who we chose from all of the vendors that day.

After the day of interviews and once we chose our vendors, we got to meet with the individual vendors separately to really customize our special day. Everyone we worked with was so pleasant and met with us as many times as we needed!

Then came the BIG DAY! And ohhhh myyyyy goooooodnesssss!!!!! It all came together PERFECTLY, despite the fact that it rained and we were going to have an outdoor lawn ceremony. Everyone had a Plan B, the florist and her decorations, the DJ and his music, the caterer had to switch where he was going to be but it worked perfectly, and my photographers were just amazing. All the staff at Bella Collina made everything come together so incredibly smooth and fabulous, it honestly couldn't have gone any better. Now that it's been a few days since the wedding, I've got people telling me that our wedding was the most beautiful and amazing wedding they've ever been to. I've heard this constantly. I am so very grateful for everything the Bella Collina Mansion staff and all the vendors did for me. I know our wedding will be THE wedding all of our family and friends will be talking and reminiscing about for years to come! By the end of everything, I felt like everyone that made the day come together was my new family. At least that's how they treated me, and I am so thankful for that. Thank you, Bella Collina Mansion and Staff!!!!

Kaitlin and Joey

If five stars is the best rating that a venue can get, then Bella Collina is 10 stars because the venue and staff made everything BETTER than perfect. Our  wedding was absolutely gorgeous and everything went like clockwork. From the first time we saw it, we knew we had to get married there. The beautiful Tuscan Villa overlooking Belews Lake is breathtaking. From start to finish, the staff was amazing. Bella Collina thinks of EVERYTHING. They handle EVERYTHING, the caterer, the florist, the photographer, the DJ, the pontoon boat, the videographer and even more! They even took care of my Grandpa all evening, who is elderly and has a very hard time walking. The forecast was for rain, but we wanted to get married on the deck so badly. Joe and Sher were constantly watching the weather forecast throughout the day and came up with Plan A, B and even C! With a lot of prayers and faith, right before the ceremony, the sky cleared and the weather was BEAUTIFUL! Every single guest was in awe of the beauty of Bella Collina and how they had set up everything so amazingly beautiful. Every guest said it was the most beautiful wedding they had ever been to and it was all because of Bella Collina.

When you book a wedding at Bella Collina Mansion, it’s more than a wedding venue, you leave being a part of the Bella Collina family. We love your family! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

 Kaitlin & Joey
And Kim!

P.S. Please give a special thanks to your mom for taking such good care of my dad and the others who had difficulty walking. I cannot thank her enough for being so good to my dad. It made his night to have her dance with him! She is awesome! Thank you, Kim


Billy & Tammy    

We had a fairy-tale wedding at Bella Collina, thanks to the Bella Collina staff! If I could give them an infinite amount of stars for their rating, I would! Everything was gorgeous-from the house to the grounds. It was truly amazing! They personally cared for every aspect of our wedding and treated us like family! The vendors that they selected were unbelievably incredible, as well. I will definitely recommend Bella Collina to anyone I know that is planning on getting married! In fact, it was so much fun and so beautiful, we will probably do it again, by renewing our vows there!!

Sara and Bryant

The first time I pulled into the driveway and laid eyes on Bella Collina, I knew this was the ideal place to have the wedding of my dreams. As I got out of the car I couldn't stop glazing at how beautiful Bella was. I had never seen a place more breathtaking. I was in awe of this magnificent place. I was greeted kindly at the door and welcomed inside. As we toured the mansion, I could feel all the love that Bella had to offer. You can't help but notice all the beautiful detail inside of Bella. I fell in love with Bella right from the start. I didn't need to look at any other venues because I knew none could even compare or come close. I couldn't wait to get started with all the wedding planning. I had no idea how much I would enjoy working with staff at Bella Collina. They are incredible, they truly care about you and work hard to make sure your day is perfect and flawless. They pay attention to every detail and are right by your side the whole way to help. They make it stress free and easy on you so you are able to enjoy this experience. They take time and listen to your questions and concerns and make you feel like the most special Bride in the world. They are amazing! You become part of the family at Bella Collina and I believe that is what makes Bella different. From the first day you feel welcomed and loved. You are treated like family from day one. Bella Collina has so much beauty and love to offer. All the Bella Brides love Bella. The memories you make and the experience you have at Bella Collina will always be treasured. Bella Collina is the number one place to have your fairytale wedding and make all your dreams come true











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