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This page is dedicated to this couple. Winning the Bella Collina Experience is something they truly want and need. Why? Not only will it give them the option to start with perfection and settle for nothing less, it will also give them so much more. Financial freedom, emotional security, and so much more. Please check back regularly for updates on their progress.

Team Horvath / Wallace

When filling out the application to apply for the Bella Collina Experience, we ask "why should we choose you?".

This is their answer: 
 (Below this, you will find their unedited first answer!!!)

Jacob and I, Jordan, met in November 2012 in Jacob’s hometown, Boone, NC, where I had attended Appalachian State University. I resisted meeting his family; scared that Jacob and I would get too serious if I did. I was terrified I’d fall in love. I finally gave in and went to a family dinner. I had so much fun and his family and I really hit it off!

That December, Jacob’s mom Leigh, died suddenly. Leigh was famous in Boone for being a survivor of a kidnapping and rape. She escaped from her abductor and helped the police find the body of her kidnapper’s first victim. Leigh was an example of strength and inspired others by living her life full of joy and love even after such a tragic event. The family dinner I had attended was the last one Jacob’s mom would ever attend.

Our relationship quickly turned from fun-loving to one full of overwhelming grief. I left my job and desperately tried to fill the void that losing Leigh had left. I'd stay up for hours doing things like scratching Jacob and his sister, Haleigh’s backs—something Leigh had always done that they loved.

A couple of months later, we found out we were expecting. I felt that our baby would return joy to Jacob's family and to the whole community. Even strangers would approach me and say: "Leigh had something to do with this baby." Things were finally looking up!

On June 26, 2013, I was hospitalized and delivered our baby three months early--a little girl, Kayleigh Lynnette. She lived only a few seconds.

I felt like I had let Jacob’s family and the whole community down and I felt empty without my sweet girl kicking in my stomach. I fell into a deep depression. How could we handle another loss?

After just having made his mother’s funeral plans a few short months earlier, we were faced with doing the same for our daughter. It felt unbearable to know that two people we loved so much were gone.

Kayleigh’s ashes were divided between Jacob’s mom’s grave, my mom and an angel urn so that Jacob and I would always have our baby girl in our home. 

Scared to lose Jacob and desperate to restore happiness in our life, I began planning our wedding. When we visited Bella Collina Mansion, we fell in love and knew our wedding had to be there. Our families pulled together to put down the deposit, but, the timing wasn’t right. We were too broken and I was no longer strong enough for everyone to lean on. I needed to be surrounded by my family, so I returned home to Michigan knowing my move would slowly dissolve our relationship.

A few months later, I accepted a job in Charlotte, North Carolina. One evening Jacob shocked me by showing up at my door. It only took a second for us to know we still loved each other.

On November 20th, just a year after what should have been Kayleigh’s due date, we found out we were expecting again. All I could do was cry. I was shocked, excited and scared. I knew I couldn’t survive losing another baby.

On June 26th, 2015, a month early and on her big sister’s birthday, Lynleigh Hope was born. She was healthy, beautiful and absolutely perfect!

It wasn’t easy to get where we are, but we are best friends and stronger than ever! Reliving and sharing our story has been really hard for us. I feel that Jacob and I are an example of a real-life love story and proof that love conquers all. We have built our family with a foundation of friendship, strength and love. Winning would provide us with the wedding of our dreams and give us a fairytale head start on forever. We are ready now, more than ever, to become the #WallacePartyofThree!

(This is their unedited answer as they rush to fill out an application. 
At this point, they were one of six hundred and forty)

Jacob lost his mother unexpectedly in 2012 at age 42. Leigh, Jacobs mom was very popular in Boone, NC because she was raped and kidnapped when she went to App State and got away. Jacobs mom was his best friend. Shortly after his mother passed we got engaged and we were expecting a little girl. We heard about Bella Collina and we fell in love with it. We put our deposit down right after we went on our visit to see what Bella Collina looked like in person. Shortly after we put our deposit down I had a still-born and lost our little girl, Kayleigh Wallace at 7 months. I was induced and went to labor and was only able to hold her for seconds until she passed. I fell into a horrible depression and called off my engagement and broke up with Jacob and moved home to Michigan. I cut all ties with Jacob and just had to focus on myself. After five months of being home and focusing on myself I got a job offer in Charlotte, NC to be a preschool teacher and I jumped at it. For the first time after losing my little girl I was excited again about something. I moved to Charlotte and started teaching. Three weeks later there was a knock on my door step. It was Jacob begging for me back, he had just drove from Boone, NC to Charlotte to ask for me back. One of my friends told him where I lived. I decided to work on it. Jacob and I did long distance for a while. Then when the time was right I asked him to move in with me. Shortly after Jacob moved in I got pregnant. We were both shocked because I was on birth control. We find out I was pregnant on November 20th. November 20, 2013 was Kayleigh's (our still-borns) due date. We went in for an ultrasound and the doctors told us my due date was going to be July 26th. I left that doctors office and looked at Jacob and said this baby is going to be a girl and it will be a month early. June 26, 2013 is when we lost Kayleigh. Eight weeks later we found out we were having a girl and they kept saying her due date was July 26th. Well June 26th approached and we had our healthy beautiful baby girl Lynleigh Hope, that we named after my mom, Lyn and Jacobs mom, Leigh. The same day we lost her big sister just three years’ difference. Jacob and I just feel we should be chosen for this because we are the definition of a true love story. We are so young but have been through so much together and I would love if we could have the dream wedding we deserve. I got the dream engagement ring now I would love the dream wedding I know Bella Collina could throw for me. Jacob hasn't stopped working three jobs because he knew we'd have a wedding to save for next and I just recently picked up another job so I could start saving for our wedding as well while being a parent is hard. Jacob and I have been together through losing his mother, losing our daughter Kayleigh, not speaking for five months to doing long distance. Then from doing long distance to moving in together getting pregnant on birth control, to having our daughter’s dates correlate to raising a beautiful daughter together to finally being engaged and being more in love now than ever. We are showing people that true love is hard, it's an uphill battle but if you are meant to be together everything will work out. Jacob and I are best friends. We do everything together. When we both aren't working, we are spending quality family time together, we also love date nights.

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