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Rainy days happen...


Welcome to our rain page, it's not what you envisioned for your wedding day is it? If every day was clear in North Carolina we wouldn't have the scenery that we do. Rain is a fact of life and if it happens on your wedding day, embrace it as it could be the best thing that happens to you. We believe that if we love a higher power and let it show us how to love each other, the world will take notice and follow in kind!

  • We've known the higher power's plentiful grace.
  • We've experienced the higher power's eternal mercy.
  • We've seen proof of the higher power's unfailing love.

Whether you're new to the area or have recently found yourself wandering in search of a new venue, we may be your answer. When you find a local venue that meets your needs, you become a witness to a wonderful day. We seek to demonstrate and experience that day with you.


Our photographers love rain as much as you may not be thinking about it. They thrive on the idea of backlighting a couple and capturing the magic that mother nature is trying to get you to embrace.


Our professionals have been vetted throughout all of North Carolina. We simply have the best of the best, why? Because when this happens, we usually get put on the news or published in a paper. We are the number one venue in North Carolina for a reason.    


Start with perfection and settle for nothing less!


Kinsley and Eliot experienced something magical because it decided to rain on their wedding day. They loved this image so much, they used it as a Christmas card... You just never know where these special moments will come from. They are unpredictable, but making the most of each situation affords you an image like this.

To the left Mitzi and Tyler actually got married as they were calling for a hurricane. With trust they let Bella Collina take the wheel and guide them to a marvelous wedding day. When you accept what mother nature throws at you and simply embrace it, it's amazing what the results can be.

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