Bella Collina Mansion


Questions and Answers

Can you rent just the venue?
Yes, email us and tell us about your event and we will be happy to customize a price for you.

Why do you include the DJ, the caterer, the photographer and the florist?
Because these are the items you need to get married. When choosing to get married, you truly must interview over one hundred vendors in order to accomplish the perfect wedding. You interview a hundred professionals or you hire a wedding planner that has. We have interviewed over one hundred professionals in order to help you accomplish the perfect wedding. We have filtered the amazing professionals into this wonderful group to save you the time of having to do so. We let you choose which ones you would like to work with. We control nothing, we simply provide the best of the best to choose from. If you don't like what we have to offer, you can always hire your own.

Do you have any other events besides weddings?
Yes! We do many other events, you can check our calendar at any time to see some of these other events. We do private parties, movie night on the lake, wine and cheese tastings, honeymoon shows, birthdays, murder mystery dinners, holiday themes, fundraisers and much much more...

Can I only view the mansion during an Open House?
Not at all, we do private tours quite often. Just simply email us and let's make sure you get in... And before you ask... Of course there is no fee for this, we love showing the home off...

When do you have Open Houses?
We try to have them as often as possible, however events are getting booked up quick. So please check our calendar and you will see what is available.

What are the different outdoor setting to get married?
We have beautifully landscaped grounds that all have lake front views...
We have a 2,500 square foot deck that holds 175 people lifted twenty feet from the grounds...
We have a stone pergola setting with lake front views...

What are the different indoor settings to get married?
The upper great room and the lower great room...
The upper great room holds your standard one hundred plus guests...
The lower great room will hold one hundred and seventy five guests...

How can we depart from Bella Collina?
Are you a water fan? How about by boat...

What if I want to get creative, make the ceremony less traditional?
We will work with you to ensure your perfect wedding... How theatrical would you like to get?

What exactly comes with a wedding package?
Everything you need to get married.... We introduce you to a couple caterers, photographers, dj's, and florist. We send you to the rental company so you may touch the numerous amount of options in fabric and arches. We take care of the china, stemware, flatware and champagne flutes... We give you a great selection of chairs to choose from. We set up your day of planning to aliviate the stress the average wedding causes. Why? So you can work on the details... The necessities that truly matter to your guests and most of the time get forgotten about. Why do they get forgotten about? Because most of us procrastinate and they come last :)

What if I want to use my own Vendors?
That would be our pleasure.... All we ask is they have the proper insurance, a business license and their reviews online are of a positive status to ensure the quality of the mansion. We will credit you the difference we pay our vendor. We only included them in our packages for ease of access.

Do you allow my dog to come out for photos?
Not only do we allow it but we can help with the arrangements to have them boarded on the same day. After the ceremony, about a mile down the road is a dog kennel. Pick your baby up, get your photos and bring them back till the party is over.

What about out of town guests?
At Bella Collina your guests are treated like royalty. We have negotiated with local hotels to pick them up at the airport. Bring them to their hotel, bring them to the mansion for your wedding. Then after the party is over, they will pick them up and bring them back to their hotel... All of this for $89.99 a night.

Did you guys think of everything?
We think so :)

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