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How will your groom react?

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There are many avenues to take when approaching the first time your groom sees you in the wedding dress. Sometimes it is best to do a first look, simply to get the jitters out.

  •     Have you considered a first look?       

First looks are becoming ever so popular, why? Because it brings the intimacy back to the two of you. A first look allow you and your groom to share a private moment right before the ceremony. We will discuss this at your Day of Interviews.


Your mission if you so choose to accept it, is to build the perfect wedding day with Bella Collina.


If captured by the right photographer, this reaction will be one that you appreciate time and time again.

  • A timeless photo 
  • Engaging worship
  • You and your groom become one   
  • What will the emotion be?   


With our full proof plans, you are guaranteed to have that perfect wedding day!

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