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 Welcome to the

Bella Collina Experience! 

Welcome to the Bella Collina Experience 

You have now voted and chose the winner of the Bella Collina Experience! You have also now voted and chose the professionals for the Bella Collina Experience.
Thank you for participating in this years Bella Collina Experience!!!

The Winner of the 2017 Bella Collina Experience is Team Horvath / Wallace...

Jordan and Jacob came in with 179,401 votes.
The total number of votes for the 2017 Bella Collina Experience was

Now we enter the next phase of the experience!
We start with their Day of Interviews!!! 
The couple will meet with the following professionals and talk about their wedding day. The couple comes to Bella Collina Mansion, and starting at 9:00 a.m. they are introduced to a different professional - every hour on the hour!

Let's meet the professionals!

Team Culinary Visions & Team Giadas Tattoria

Team Aura Marzouk Photography & Team McCardell Photography

DJ Service
Team Anything Music DJ's & Team Dichotomy DJ's

Team Hayzens Productions & Team One Love Productions

Team Soft Touch Flowers & Gifts & Team Always & Forever Florist

The public will pick who is working the wedding with Jordan and Jacob!
Voting will start very soon!!!!

Team Horvath / Wallace

When filling out the application to apply for the Bella Collina Experience, we ask "why should we choose you?".

This is their answer:

 (Below this, you will find their unedited first answer!!!)

Jacob and I, Jordan, met in November 2012 in Jacob’s hometown, Boone, NC, where I had attended Appalachian State University. I resisted meeting his family; scared that Jacob and I would get too serious if I did. I was terrified I’d fall in love. I finally gave in and went to a family dinner. I had so much fun and his family and I really hit it off!

That December, Jacob’s mom Leigh, died suddenly. Leigh was famous in Boone for being a survivor of a kidnapping and rape. She escaped from her abductor and helped the police find the body of her kidnapper’s first victim. Leigh was an example of strength and inspired others by living her life full of joy and love even after such a tragic event. The family dinner I had attended was the last one Jacob’s mom would ever attend.

Our relationship quickly turned from fun-loving to one full of overwhelming grief. I left my job and desperately tried to fill the void that losing Leigh had left. I'd stay up for hours doing things like scratching Jacob and his sister, Haleigh’s backs—something Leigh had always done that they loved.

A couple of months later, we found out we were expecting. I felt that our baby would return joy to Jacob's family and to the whole community. Even strangers would approach me and say: "Leigh had something to do with this baby." Things were finally looking up!

On June 26, 2013, I was hospitalized and delivered our baby three months early--a little girl, Kayleigh Lynnette. She lived only a few seconds.

I felt like I had let Jacob’s family and the whole community down and I felt empty without my sweet girl kicking in my stomach. I fell into a deep depression. How could we handle another loss?

After just having made his mother’s funeral plans a few short months earlier, we were faced with doing the same for our daughter. It felt unbearable to know that two people we loved so much were gone.

Kayleigh’s ashes were divided between Jacob’s mom’s grave, my mom and an angel urn so that Jacob and I would always have our baby girl in our home.

Scared to lose Jacob and desperate to restore happiness in our life, I began planning our wedding. When we visited Bella Collina Mansion, we fell in love and knew our wedding had to be there. Our families pulled together to put down the deposit, but, the timing wasn’t right. We were too broken and I was no longer strong enough for everyone to lean on. I needed to be surrounded by my family, so I returned home to Michigan knowing my move would slowly dissolve our relationship.

A few months later, I accepted a job in Charlotte, North Carolina. One evening Jacob shocked me by showing up at my door. It only took a second for us to know we still loved each other.

On November 20th, just a year after what should have been Kayleigh’s due date, we found out we were expecting again. All I could do was cry. I was shocked, excited and scared. I knew I couldn’t survive losing another baby.

On June 26th, 2015, a month early and on her big sister’s birthday, Lynleigh Hope was born. She was healthy, beautiful and absolutely perfect!

It wasn’t easy to get where we are, but we are best friends and stronger than ever! Reliving and sharing our story has been really hard for us. I feel that Jacob and I are an example of a real-life love story and proof that love conquers all. We have built our family with a foundation of friendship, strength and love. Winning would provide us with the wedding of our dreams and give us a fairytale head start on forever. We are ready now, more than ever, to become the #WallacePartyofThree!

(This is their unedited answer as they rush to fill out an application.

At this point, they were one of six hundred and forty)

Jacob lost his mother unexpectedly in 2012 at age 42. Leigh, Jacobs mom was very popular in Boone, NC because she was raped and kidnapped when she went to App State and got away. Jacobs mom was his best friend. Shortly after his mother passed we got engaged and we were expecting a little girl. We heard about Bella Collina and we fell in love with it. We put our deposit down right after we went on our visit to see what Bella Collina looked like in person. Shortly after we put our deposit down I had a still-born and lost our little girl, Kayleigh Wallace at 7 months. I was induced and went to labor and was only able to hold her for seconds until she passed. I fell into a horrible depression and called off my engagement and broke up with Jacob and moved home to Michigan. I cut all ties with Jacob and just had to focus on myself. After five months of being home and focusing on myself I got a job offer in Charlotte, NC to be a preschool teacher and I jumped at it. For the first time after losing my little girl I was excited again about something. I moved to Charlotte and started teaching. Three weeks later there was a knock on my door step. It was Jacob begging for me back, he had just drove from Boone, NC to Charlotte to ask for me back. One of my friends told him where I lived. I decided to work on it. Jacob and I did long distance for a while. Then when the time was right I asked him to move in with me. Shortly after Jacob moved in I got pregnant. We were both shocked because I was on birth control. We find out I was pregnant on November 20th. November 20, 2013 was Kayleigh's (our still-borns) due date. We went in for an ultrasound and the doctors told us my due date was going to be July 26th. I left that doctors office and looked at Jacob and said this baby is going to be a girl and it will be a month early. June 26, 2013 is when we lost Kayleigh. Eight weeks later we found out we were having a girl and they kept saying her due date was July 26th. Well June 26th approached and we had our healthy beautiful baby girl Lynleigh Hope, that we named after my mom, Lyn and Jacobs mom, Leigh. The same day we lost her big sister just three years’ difference. Jacob and I just feel we should be chosen for this because we are the definition of a true love story. We are so young but have been through so much together and I would love if we could have the dream wedding we deserve. I got the dream engagement ring now I would love the dream wedding I know Bella Collina could throw for me. Jacob hasn't stopped working three jobs because he knew we'd have a wedding to save for next and I just recently picked up another job so I could start saving for our wedding as well while being a parent is hard. Jacob and I have been together through losing his mother, losing our daughter Kayleigh, not speaking for five months to doing long distance. Then from doing long distance to moving in together getting pregnant on birth control, to having our daughter’s dates correlate to raising a beautiful daughter together to finally being engaged and being more in love now than ever. We are showing people that true love is hard, it's an uphill battle but if you are meant to be together everything will work out. Jacob and I are best friends. We do everything together. When we both aren't working, we are spending quality family time together, we also love date nights.

Team Lee / Morgan

When filling out the application to apply for the Bella Collina Experience, we ask "why should we choose you?".

This is their answer:

 (Below this, you will find their unedited first answer!!!)

As a physical therapist, I enjoy being a part of my patient’s journey. After learning of Chris’s mom’s multiple myeloma diagnosis; I dropped everything to support him and his family. I’ve never advocated for someone more than I did for Angie to find her the best treatment and physicians. I know what it feels like to watch a person fall ill and then lose a loved one to that illness. Chris has no siblings, and Angie always treated me like a daughter. In Chris’s perspective, his mom’s illness meant that he would become the caregiver to someone that had cared for him his entire life; she was invincible. He was by her side helping her walk, get dressed, and prepared her food. Her condition was not a sprint to the cure, but a marathon to survive. Her faith was strong and unwavering. I knew I wanted to marry Chris after his mom’s passing. The way he loved and took care of her for so many months, even in the darkest  and weakest of moments, he was there standing strong. Angie unfortunately passed away one week before Christmas. Every time we sit around the dinner table to eat in the Morgan’s home, there is an empty chair at the table that quickly reminds us of the loss of Angie Morgan. Their home is filled with family pictures and memories that we all shared together prior to Angie's death. Chris looks just like his mother and carries his mother’s heart. Nothing could stop Angie, even after she was diagnosed with cancer. She would drive herself to dialysis and then go shopping with me afterwards. She wore a smile on her face throughout her battle. Her attitude was bigger than life, often leaving people with the thought that nothing was wrong with her. Her ability to fight and breakthrough impossible circumstances surely rubbed off on us. As Chris was preparing for the burial of his mother, he secretly flew my brother home for Christmas to surprise not only myself, but my mother as well. He is kind, genuine, giving, spiritual, loving, and silly. He truly is the love of my life. My greatest regret is that we never married during Angie’s time here on Earth. I will miss her alongside myself and my mother dress shopping and all things wedding related. I believe she is looking down from heaven smiling that we have the opportunity of a lifetime being a part of the Bella Collina Experience. Chris and I are humbled to spread our story and hopefully touch others dealing with similar situations. Please Vote Team Lee/Morgan if you believe in love despite life’s challenges.

On a lighter note, I (Krishinda) help coach a jump rope team in Durham/Chapel Hill, NC called the Bouncing Bulldogs. I have been involved with the program for 26 years helping the youth population enjoy fun and fitness in a safe environment. I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel around the nation and the world promoting the sport and the inclusion of all. The most important lesson I learned was the importance of giving back. If granted the opportunity to win the Bella Collina Experience with your votes, in lieu of gifts at the wedding, Chris and I are committed to donating money towards two non-profit organizations close to our heart, one benefiting a deserving youth organization and the other to further Multiple Myeloma research in honor of his mother. Please Vote Team Lee/Morgan if you believe in the power of paying it forward.

When filling out the application to apply for the Bella Collina Experience, we ask "why should we choose you?". This is their original answer:

As mentioned earlier, Krishinda and I have been dating for 12 years before getting engaged. As, I reflect on the past 8 years leading up to our engagement, my original intention was to somehow relocate back to North Carolina, to be with Krishinda, yet life happens. Years later, we are still calling, texting, and face-timing, but most importantly praying that one day we will live in the same city. We both have sacrificed time spent with each other for career growth. We would see each other once, sometimes twice a month spending hours in airports encountering delays just trying to say hello and experience the happiness that we bring each other. Aside from the challenges of living apart, our personalities are complete opposites. Krishinda is more reserved and relaxed whereas I am energetic and gravitate to people quickly. Although we are quite different and have had many unique experiences on our own, we continue to work hard to allow the relationship to thrive. Through the ups and downs, we are always there for one another. I have had my share of challenges, but I could always count on Krishinda to drop what she was doing to put me first and support me. This past summer would be one of those obstacles that would alter the direction of my life. Nothing was more humbling after the attack than awakening to a second chance at life, despite my mouth being wired shut for 2.5 months and the inability to effectively communicate my love and affection toward my family and friends, most importantly, Krishinda. I have spent the last 5 months seeing my beautiful fiancé every day and enjoying her friendship and love. I believe I am worthy of the wedding because no matter what life has thrown at us, we have been resilient. Our faith in the Lord and our love for each other has sustained us and brought us closer together. Krishinda has given me strength to accept life's challenges and I share my glory with others that may need help. This wedding would allow us to share our story with others and provide hope that love can survive all obstacles.

Team Smith / Estep

When filling out the application to apply for the Bella Collina Experience, we ask "why should we choose you?".

This is their answer:

 (Below this, you will find their unedited first answer!!!)

Meet Eric and Jessica!  Two former college athletes, fated to meet and endured a serendipitous journey to find each other. Eric, born and raised in New Mexico, and Jessica, a New Hampshire native, journeyed cross-country for decades before finally crossing paths. At some points in time, only minutes away from each other, never knowing it.  Jess moved to Texas and coached college basketball at a rival college of Eric’s college.  Just missed him! He just graduated. Come to find out, they share the same favorite restaurant. A small, local dive in Portales, New Mexico called Something Different. While Jess was in Texas, Eric moved to NC and began coaching at NC A&T. Several years later, out of every college in America, Jessica also started coaching at A&T. Even though Eric had already begun working for the Greensboro Fire Department, it was this final move that finally put them in the same place at the same time. Fate!  Jess came across Eric’s “people you should know” section of Facebook. He took one look at her picture and fell in love.  He reached out, the two decided to meet, and the rest is history. A relationship started on that first date that has turned into over two and a half years of the most loving, nurturing relationship either one of them has ever experienced. 

 Adversity hits every couple.  That’s a given. It's the manner in which the couple responds that shows the true strength of their love and commitment to one another. Well, we have been tested as individuals and as a couple.  Without hesitation, we FIGHT for each other. We have stepped up to be a rock for one another and to take care of each other’s families in times of need.

Whether it’s flashbacks of my mom surviving a near-deadly motorcycle wreck (hit by a drunk driver and I was one of the first on scene to treat her).  Or, my mom receiving 3rd degree burns on her face, chest and arms during a kitchen fire, there’s Jess, my rock.  When Jessica’s closest friend (whom she considers her sister) was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer recently, Jessica took off of work (made me a week’s worth of meals), flew to New Hampshire and took care of her friend’s new born baby and accompanied her to her first several chemo treatments.  That’s the type of woman Jessica is.

We sometimes replace saying, “I love you,” with “Thank you.”  Weird, perhaps…but, it’s our thing.  We say that instead because we are thankful for each other and thankful for the effort that we both put in to make the other happy.  We do this EVERYDAY.  It’s a goal for us to make life easier for the other one.  Examples:  Whoever brushes their teeth first will put toothpaste on the other’s toothbrush.  Or, whoever is in the shower will have slippers awaiting them when they step out.  If I’m off from the fire department, you better believe she will be coming home to a clean house so that she can relax and grade papers!  When I finish up from my second job on my off-days, she has dinner ready for us (yes, whoever cooks is exempt from washing dishes)!

Words cannot express how lucky we both feel. We love to share our story because love like this is rare. Both of our parents have had multiple divorces. Marriage had never been a step either of us looked forward to making. Now, we are thrilled by the idea. Forever isn’t long enough for us to have with one another. Yes, we have trying times.  We bicker, don’t always see eye to eye, but we have NEVER gone to bed without kissing goodnight. We communicate and always tell each other how we feel. The devotion and respect we have for one another is limitless.  The grass doesn’t get any greener!

(This is their unedited answer as they rush to fill out an application.

At this point, they were one of six hundred and forty)

I believe every woman deserves her dream wedding. Jessica is no different. When writing my letter to her mother to ask her hand in marriage, I explained several of the traits I have fallen in love with about her. "She is respectful, thoughtful, kind, selfless, nurturing, and most importantly, honest...she encompasses the true definition of a good person."

I want her to have a wedding that exemplifies our love and commitment to each other. Unfortunately, our families' financial situations do not allow them to provide the sometimes-traditional financial backing for even a simple wedding, let alone a beautiful Bella Collina wedding and as a firefighter and teacher, though both rewarding careers in many areas, financially rewarding it is not.

It would be hard to capture our love in one day, but if anyone or location could, it would be the Bella Collina mansion and its staff.

Thank you for your consideration and best of luck in your search.


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Voting will end on  
Monday February 13th, 2017 at Noon!!!

Welcome to the
The Bella Collina Experience

You requested it... and now we are going to make one very lucky couple's dreams come true, again! This free experience will be given away to one very deserving couple... The couple will win the Bella Collina Experience. This experience will include furnishings and embellishments needed for the ceremony and reception. Bella Collina will cover up to one hundred guests for this wonderful experience. The couple will also win the services of one Photographer, Caterer, Disc Jockey, Florist and Videographer! To top it all off, all coordination will be included.

 Just like every bride and groom, this deserving couple will enjoy a "Day of Interviews" where they will design their wedding with the professionals selected. (The public will ultimately vote on a preferred professional).

 Please click here to learn more about the Day of Interviews.

 There will be a series of interviews with Bella Collina and a panel of judges for the ten finalists. The ten finalists will be narrowed down to three finalists in late January 2017. The three finalists will plead for votes online, on air at 107.5 KZL and at the Carolina Weddings Show. 

The winner will be announced Valentine's Day on "Jared and Katie in the Morning" . 

The rules and guidelines to the Bella Collina Experience Giveaway

 1. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER. The contest is open to any person 18 years of age and older, who is a North Carolina or Virginia resident with a valid ID. Anyone who enters or participates in this contest is subject to and agrees to abide by the official rules as stated. All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply. Taxes are the sole responsibility of the winners. Void where prohibited.


2. HOW TO QUALIFY: Fill out the form on this page and register to Win a Bella Collina Experience. The top ten will receive a personal call from Joe at the Bella Collina Mansion. The ten finalists will be narrowed down to three finalists by a panel of judges. You must be present for the interview process or you will be disqualified. When the top three finalist are chosen they will be announced to the general public for voting. The finalist with the highest number of votes will win. You must be present for all on-air interviews at 1075KZL studios. You must be present for all meetings at Bella Collina Mansion and at the Carolina Wedding Shows for on stage announcements. If you are not present for any of these you will be disqualified. Once a winner is selected by the general audience you must be present when the winner is announced in order to qualify for the grand prize, valued at over $30,000.00. The Bella Collina Experience includes a professional DJ and Lighting; flowers for the bride and groom, (four to each side and mom and dad of the bride and groom); ninety minutes of edited videography; catering for the reception; furnishings/embellishments, (thirteen 60" tables or ten 72" tables with crisp polyester linens, one sweetheart table with linen, one cake table with linen, 100 white garden chairs, china, flatware, stemware,  glassware and one arbor or arch); photography, (eight hours of coverage, one dvd with edited images and the rights to your photos).

The professionals will be selected at the Day of Interviews by the bride and groom.


3. GRAND PRIZE: Contest can be entered on line at The winning couples names will be announced on WKZL. All daily entries will be submitted to the contest. The Bella Collina Experience will be awarded on February 14th 2017 on WKZL.


4. TECHNICAL ISSUES: In the event that there is an EAS Alert or technical problem with the telephones or equipment, etc, beyond Bella Collina Events, LLC's control during the contest, the contest will cease at that moment. The contest will resume after any EAS or technical problems have been solved.


5. RESTRICTIONS: Employees of 1075KZL, Bella Collina Events, llc, The Carolina Wedding Show and employees of third party or other radio stations in North Carolina and Virginia, and their immediate families may not participate and are not eligible to win. The term “immediate families” includes spouses, grandparents, parents, siblings, children, and grandchildren. Persons who have won another contest of any kind from 1075KZL or Bella Collina Events, llc, in the past 30 calendar days before the contest are ineligible to win. All winners will be responsible for all applicable taxes including state, local, and federal and therefore must present a valid Social Security Card before claiming their prize. As a grand prize winner, you acknowledge that Bella Collina Events, llc, has the right to, without further authorization, publicize your name, character likeness, photograph, voice, and the fact that you are a winner for promotional purposes without financial compensation. Any persons that have already booked prior to December 1st 2016 will be excluded.


6. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED: This prize is non-transferable. No substitution for prizes. Alternate winner(s) will not be selected.  Bella Collina Events, llc reserves the right to make rule or contest changes without notice at any time and reserves the right to change the aforementioned contest date(s) without notice. The decision of  Bella Collina Events, llc management in the interpretation of these rules is final. By participating, persons agree to be bound by the decisions of the judges and the official rules. If the winner is found in violation of these rules he/she may be required to forfeit his/her prize. Bella Collina Events, llc, their representatives, agencies and employees, are not responsible for any liabilities arising directly or indirectly from the award or use of this prize. Bella Collina Events, llc, their representatives, agencies and employees, are not responsible for any changes or difficulties in travel or prize delivery. Prize has no cash value. Recipients are responsible for Sales Tax.


7. GENERAL AND PRIZE STRUCTURE: Odds of winning depend on the number of submitted applications. The prize does not cover any other expenses, including but not limited to tax.


8. RULES AND WINNER’S LIST. Copies of these rules are available (a) Bella Collina Events L.L.C, 9500 Mt. Carmel Rd, Stokesdale NC 27357 during regular business hours; (b) by sending a request, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope, to P.O. Box 724 Stokesdale NC 27357. A winner’s list will be available at Bella Collina Events, LLC, for approximately 60 days after the conclusion of the Contest.

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