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We have been heavily focused on churches during this quest. Why? We have done the research and the numbers are quite frightening to say the least. Please afford us the opportunity to tell you about our mission.

We believe we have a way to get people back in church. Honestly, without this, we don’t know what will become of our churches. Let’s look at some of the numbers, I’m sure you’re well aware of what we are about to show you. There is a solution.

20 years ago, church attendance was at a wonderful 76% nationwide. Currently that number has dropped 20%. Is it by chance? We know what brings people to church, but what is keeping them out of church? Why a 20% decrease in church attendance in 20 years?

We have visited 32 churches in the last three weeks of writing this, this is what we’ve learned. We have to ask, is it the churches or the generational gap?

  • Some believe Millennial's lack focus. I simply don’t buy it. Millennial's are our smartest generation. College graduates are up 14% from 20 years ago.  36% of Americans aged 25 to 39 were college graduates, up from 24% in 1980. They don’t lack focus, they’re more focused than ever!
  • Some believe that Millennial's need a purpose. We completely agree with that, as most of us need a purpose to try something new if we haven’t inherently been introduced to it. Let’s look at the numbers of church attendance from 20 years ago and today;

20 years ago:

Traditionalist – 77% attended church regularly

Baby Boomers – 67% attended church regularly

Generation X – 62% attended church regularly

Now let’s look at the numbers in 2018

Traditionalist – 68% attended church regularly – down 9%

Baby Boomers – 57% attended church regularly – down 10%

Generation X – 54% attended church regularly – down 8%

Millennial's – 42% attended church regularly

Scary to say the least, because with Millennial's there is no history of numbers! Now what do you suppose will happen over the next 20 years? Millennial's are the parents of Generation Z. If church attendance has dropped 12% from Generation X to Millennial's and Millennial's are already at 42% attending… My guess is we will have more than 150 churches closing a week like we currently have now in 2019.

You heard me; 150 churches close their doors a week right now in the United States based on these current numbers. They simply cannot survive and going forward, they won’t. There has to be a solution, and we here at Bella Collina have it. The church is missing the Millennial Generation aged 23 to 38 as of 2019 and the Generation Z Generation aged 7 to 22 as of 2018. The wedding industry is surrounded by Millennial's and the latter portion of Generation Z individuals.  What the church does not have in attendance, the wedding industry does.

So our mission is to get the churches back into weddings! Once churches are involved in the wedding industry, they now have a backdoor into the Millennial and Gen Z culture. They now have that common denominator. Speaking to a pastor, Bishop or Priest now becomes easy instead of intimidating. We believe if you learn to adapt to their culture, their culture will soon see the benefits of church.

Retention: It’s all about retention isn’t it? If we can get churches into the wedding world, we can engage conversation with the generations they’re missing. Millennial's and Gen Z are all about time management. They are the “drive thru”, “instant gratification” society and certainly make the most of their time. If you cannot adhere and cater to this, you might as well call it quits right now. This society when hungry will pull into a plaza. They’ll see a well-known, much healthier sandwich shop and a drive thru burger place. Most will choose the drive-thru over getting out of their car and sit, even though they know the sandwich shop has better food. If we introduce churches to the wedding client, we need to do what works. We need to make the churches all-inclusive.  The BOSS software allows you to have as much experience as we have with over 600 weddings under our belts since 2012. The all-inclusive, automated system makes it easy to help your couple get from A to Z with little effort. The relationship you’ll establish during this process will be timeless. Your retention rate will be detrimental. How many of the couples that you council will stay part of the church family? Now let’s think bigger, how many of their 100, 200 or even 300 family, friends and co-workers attending their wedding can you retain? How fast can we get your numbers back up?

All while making more money. Money that can be used to advertise, exhibit in wedding shows and more…

We know the facts:

  • If they are counseled by a member of the church, they have a higher rate of success for marriage.
  • If they attend church, they have a higher rate of success for marriage.
  • If they attend church, they have “family”. Most have lost sight of what this means.
  • If they’re married in a church, they will save thousands than they would spend on some venues.

All in all, we’re setting them up for success instead of failure. We’re getting more people to go to church. I believe we can all agree that our society as a whole needs this. If you agree, let’s move on to the next phase!

Contact me at, I'd love to talk more!

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