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With the iPhone 8 plus, do you even need a professional wedding photographer?!?! Should professionals simply ditch the gear?!?!

Time and time again, technology tries to improve what we would consider our "normal standard" and every now and then, technology wins! However, does technology win in the case? 

iPhone 8 plus vs.. The experienced photographer with tens of thousands of dollars in equipment and umpteen years of experience? One photographer took the challenge.  Trey Amick writes about how Toronto-based Wedding Photographer Barb Simkova, working for Tara McMullen Photography, recently gave herself an additional wedding day challenge: photograph the wedding with nothing more than an iPhone 8 Plus, and he says “the pictures speak for themselves”.

Trey says “Camera sensors and optics on mobile devices have come a long way in the past few years. With the recent release of Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus and the new shooting modes, like portrait, it’s getting easier and easier to take exceptional images that many cannot distinguish whether or not it was made utilizing a DSLR or the phone in their back pocket. This has certainly challenged my preconceived notions of images taken with cell phones.” After a bunch of tech talk, he goes on to say “The point I’m trying to make is maybe we should be open to more change, challenging our talents and embracing new technology like Simkova did, we may surprise ourselves in the process.”

The main conclusion one might have is -How far do we go with this? If the middling iPhone 8 Plus user thinks they’re a professional photographer, do we have a problem?

Professional photographers have a long list of “to do’s” other than just seizing the image with their camera. The editing alone is a full-time job. Staging the couple, family and the bridal party is quite the task. Having an appropriate shot list, so none of the family member are left out of all the important photos.

This one day, you want to get right. You’ll want to envision the day a hundred times over, you won’t want to pay to have a “do over”. You simply don’t want regrets.

Hiring a true professional with the right equipment will make the difference in getting a full range of images. Be sure to not only think of your ceremony in a perfectly lit environment. Rain is unpredictable, the shades of an interior wall can bounce back on your images, the type of lighting the venue uses will certainly showcase a different product than you might expect. The “extra equipment” your photographer has, they have to guarantee the product you saw in their books during your interview, is the same product you will receive. The equipment is there to adjust to the photographer’s new environment. As great as the new iPhone 8 Plus is, certain concepts like “back lighting the couple” are unparalleled.

Do yourself a favor and explore more about the field of photography before simply signing a contract with your photographer. Ask about the equipment used, ask about their ability to light and ask about their history. Check their reviews, as reviews offer 100% transparency. Employing a photographer that has not invested in the proper equipment, certainly showcases the fact that you did not invest enough time in this one special day!   A day you may soon regret, because as they say – Memories fade, but an image will last many lifetimes.

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